What my clients say

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"It's been, without exception, a terrific and useful experience which I would recommend to anyone. Tanya's tone, approach and manner is warm, reassuring and probing. It creates the perfect atmosphere to really dig around for insights about how/why you conduct yourself in certain ways. Inevitably, it's all quite personal, yet I never felt pre-judged, pigeon holed or reticent to share". Innovation and Development Manager, Charity

"I find these sessions incredibly helpful. Every time I leave with more awareness and perspective about what the current situation is all about and a clear understanding of the course of action I can take to improve it and achieve the goals I have set. What I love about these coaching sessions is that they enable me to come up with the "Answer" and this leaves me with a feeling of empowerment about how I can really craft my life. Another thing is the level of awareness of me, what I really want, what my values are, and if they are really reflected in the actions I am taking in my life". Business Director, Advertising

"I personally found the sessions really helpful, the first session with work around values was great. It was brilliant to have some dedicated time and space at a difficult time to try and put things in perspective and work out how best to deal with a range of situations. It was good to be challenged and was quite an intense experience. You always referred to and remembered previous conversations and did challenge - constructively. I always had some specific actions to take away and try and a lot to think about…overall a good experience which I would advise others to do". Strategy Director, Advertising

"Looking through the feedback I've had from individuals that have had coaching with Tanya, it's clear they've found it an invaluable experience. It has made a tangible difference to how they think about their work and their careers, and how they behave in the office. I think people have felt very secure in Tanya's sessions. She has an open and honest approach to coaching, and her philosophy that our work self and ambitions are intrinsically bound up with our life experiences and hopes has sat well with the agency" Talent Director, DDB UK