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There are lots of labels and niche Coaching specialists, so perhaps it helps to explain my own "title". I describe myself as an Executive and Personal Development coach, but this is not intended to suggest the two elements of work and personal life are separate or mutually exclusive. On the contrary I believe the two are absolutely interconnected, and that neither one exists in isolation. Who you are as a person is fundamental to how you function in the workplace and vice versa. You may come to Coaching primarily from one context or the other, but wherever we start, both elements will likely have relevance.

My Coaching style is values based, because I believe that your values are the guiding principles for your life and work. Taking time to understand your core values lays the foundation for Coaching success. Non-directive, pragmatic and results focussed, our Coaching work together should be challenging, revealing and enjoyable, and it should get results. Please see the What My Clients Say page for some comments on how existing clients have found their Coaching experience.

I do not have a fixed package structure since I believe that each client's needs are different and aim to remain flexible to accommodate that, however I find that best results are usually achieved from a minimum of 4 sessions - usually 90 minutes spaced at 2-4 week intervals. I prefer to work face to face where possible, but telephone Coaching is an option where logistics may be difficult. Do contact me to discuss how Coaching might work for you or your team.

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